Last-minute DIY tips for outfits for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re finding yourself in a costume conundrum, don’t fret! You can still put together some fantastic Halloween outfits with a little creativity and last-minute DIY magic. Whether you’re attending a party, going trick-or-treating, or just getting into the spooky spirit, these easy and fun costume ideas will save the day. Let’s dive into some fabulous last-minute DIY Halloween costume tips!

DIY tips for outfits for Halloween

Classic Sheet Ghost

We’ll start with a classic and effortless costume idea: the ghost. All you need is a white bedsheet, and you’re on your way to haunting your Halloween party.


  •   Find a white bedsheet that’s large enough to cover your body completely.
  •   Cut out eye holes for visibility.
  •   Drape the sheet over your head, with the eye holes aligned.
  •   Gather the excess fabric at the top and tie it securely with a ribbon or string.
  •   Add some optional makeup or face paint for a spooky touch.

Mummy Madness

A mummy costume is not only easy to make but also super creepy and fun. Raid your linen closet and you’re halfway there.


  •   Tear or cut strips from an old white bedsheet or gauze bandages.
  •   Wrap the strips around your body, leaving gaps for your eyes and mouth.
  •   Secure the strips with safety pins or by tucking the ends under other strips.
  •   Add some gray or white makeup to give your face a mummified look.

Spooky Skeleton

The classic skeleton costume is always a Halloween hit, and you can put it together in a pinch with a little creativity.


  •   Wear an all-black outfit. A black T-shirt and pants will do the trick.
  •   Use white tape, chalk, or white fabric paint to create bone designs on your clothes. Focus on the arms, legs, and torso.
  •   Paint or draw a skeleton face on your own face using white and black face paint.

Batty for Bats

If you have a black outfit and some crafting skills, you can transform into a bat in no time!


  •   Create bat wings by cutting out a wing shape from black cardboard.
  •   Attach the wings to your arms using elastic bands or ribbons.
  •   Wear all black, including black pants, a black T-shirt, and black shoes.
  •   Add some bat ears by creating ear shapes from black cardboard and attaching them to a headband.

Scarecrow Sensation

A scarecrow costume is not only simple to make but also a charming and festive choice.


  •   Wear old, loose-fitting clothing in earthy tones, like plaid shirts and jeans.
  •   Add straw or raffia to your sleeves and pant legs for a straw-stuffed appearance.
  •   Create a scarecrow face with some makeup or face paint. Draw stitches on your cheeks and nose.
  •   Don’t forget to make a pointy hat from cardboard or fabric.

Purrfect Cat

Channel your inner feline with a quick and easy cat costume. It’s a classic choice that never goes out of style.


  •   Wear all black, from head to toe.
  •   Create cat ears by cutting triangles from black cardboard or felt and attaching them to a headband.
  •   Use eyeliner to draw a cat’s nose and whiskers on your face.
  •   A tail can be made with a black belt or some black fabric.

DIY Superhero

Show your superhero spirit by becoming your own DIY superhero. You can create a unique character with items you already have at home.


  •   Choose a color scheme for your superhero costume.
  •   This could be based on your favorite colors or any bold combination.
  •   Wear a T-shirt and pants in your chosen colors.
  •   Use colored paper or fabric to make a cape and mask.
  •   Create your emblem or logo using cardboard and markers or paint.
  •   Think of a superhero name and backstory to complete your character.

Emoji Extravaganza

Emojis are a modern and creative costume idea. Pick your favorite emoji and bring it to life.


  •   Choose your favorite emoji and print a large image of it.
  •   Attach the image to a cardboard or foam board.
  •   Cut out a hole in the center for your face.
  •   Use a string or ribbon to make a handle so you can hold your emoji up in front of your face.
  •   Dress in simple, monochromatic clothing to let your emoji take center stage.

Cereal Killer

This punny costume is a crowd-pleaser and ridiculously easy to assemble.


  •   Wear an all-white outfit, like a white T-shirt and white pants.
  •   Attach small cereal boxes (empty or filled with fake blood) to your outfit using string or ribbon.
  •   Create a “weapon” by attaching a plastic knife or spoon to your hand.
  •   Add some fake blood to your shirt for a gruesome touch.

Nifty Nerd

If you have a pair of glasses, a plaid shirt, and some creativity, you can become an endearing nerd in no time.


  •   Wear high-waisted pants, a plaid shirt, and suspenders if you have them.
  •   Tape the center of your glasses for the stereotypical nerd look.
  •   Use hair gel or mousse to style your hair with a slick side part.
  •   Add some pocket protectors, a calculator, or a comic book to complete the look.


Don’t let the clock run out on your Halloween costume dreams. These last-minute DIY costume ideas are simple, budget-friendly, and can be assembled with items you likely have at home. So, grab a bedsheet or raid your closet, get creative with some makeup or fabric, and prepare to steal the show at your Halloween festivities. After all, the best costume is the one that reflects your personality and makes you feel like a superstar on this spooktacular holiday.